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Monday, 4 June 2012

Mans Hand Oldie - The Alter Boys

Mans Hand Films has been around longer than just about anyone else on the US spanking scene, so as part of an occasional retrospective of some of their earliest movies I'd like to thank our good friend Helmut for these images and clever gifs from Mans Hands' 1993 release "Altar Boys"

The two alter boys have been sampling the communion wine and harassing the congregation and their young bottoms pay for it at the stinging end of first Father Xavier's hand and then his trusty hairbrush!  

The Alar boys is still available as part of MHV 135

There is a link to the Mans Hand Films 18.USC.2257 compliance notice in the right hand column of this blog


  1. You're making me feel my age. I remember seeing this on VHS when I was still a comparatively young spanko and MHF (along with Control T Studios) were the only spanking films you had a reasonable hope of finding in the average gay video store. I have it on DVD and it holds up well. I always wonder what happened to the young men in these old films. It's a shame there isn't an for fetish porn.

    1. They are both probably about 40 now, either settled with a wife and family, or sharing a cell with a guy called Chico

  2. I am a fan of Mans hand films they are one of the original spanking studios equally Sting Pictures are a reserve of mine and very rarely miss one of the films that they release. I have tried a few other studios here and there but have happily remained loyal to both Mans hand and Sting Pictures may they both continue there wonderful films.

  3. serious spanking suits the situation.

  4. frederick was an early crush of mine!!!

  5. Man's Hand was my first exposure to m/m spanking waaay back in the 80s, and they continue to be my favorite studio because of the realism of their films. No other spanking studio has as much variety, and this is particularly evident with today's studios, where all the settings and clothing are the same from film to film. Man's Hand is good old fashioned over-the-knee spanking, like something you would see if you peeked through a keyhole: a naughty young man being punished by his daddy. On that note, I have to say that Billy Boy is my all-time favorite MH actor, he was cute, had a gorgeous little butt, and his reaction to the spanking was extremely arousing.